Length of awards

PIP is normally awarded for a fixed period - for example two or three years - although an indefinite award can be made if a fixed-term award would not be appropriate. Indefinite awards are ususally reviewed every 10 years.


The rules relating to fixed term awards are set out in the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

Section 88, relating to claims, awards and information, provides that -


(2) An award of personal independence payment is to be for a fixed term except where the person making the award considers that a fixed term award would be inappropriate.

(3) In deciding whether a fixed term award would be inappropriate, that person must have regard to guidance issued by the Secretary of State.


Source: Section 88 of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, and article 93 of the Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015 (SI.No.2006/2015 (NI.1)).

NB - in Scotland, adult disability payment is replacing personal independence payment - see Social Security Scotland's guidance Scheduled reviews for ADP  and Choosing an appropriate review period for Adult Disability Payment.

Case law

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